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Documentary photo story posted on 1 December 2008 by admin

Who Can Join?
In order to join Gaia Photos, you need to be an active and professional freelance photographer or photojournalist. You need to have a “track record” of working for publications or other media organisations. The language here is (primarily) English, so you also need to have fairly good skills in the English language.

Our aim is to get one contributor from each country in the World. For larger countries, like the USA, India, China, Russia etc., we accept more contributors, as long as they are not based in the same region. If we don’t have contributors from your neck of the woods yet, you have a better chance of being accepted. Click on Photographers to see the locations of our current team.

Why Join?

Gaia is a showcase of great photojournalism from around the world. It is also a group of people who can help and inspire each other. The idea of networked value is that together we can benefit from each others experiences and marketing efforts. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. Together, we can form a reference point for great photojournalism and hopefully attract international image buyers. While I can’t promise you any minimum number of sales, you will get a new channel to display your work and there will be a biography page with contact info and links to your own web site.

How It Works?
When you have produced a new photo feature, you simply log in to Gaia and upload your best photos. You choose the image size, but I recommend something like 400×600 pixels. You can also put a discrete watermark on it, if you like. After you have uploaded it, our editor will review your contribution and publish it if approved.
Of course, contributors retain their copyright of submitted material and submissions are not in any way sold to third parties. Should you later want to edit or remove your submission, you are free to do so. Review our Terms & Conditions for the full legalese Monty.

What Can You Submit?
Our focus areas are social and humanitarian issues, environmental issues, cultural issues, health, education, living conditions, general news etc. Preferably, your features should have an international slant suitable for an global audience. So be sure to include a little background information for people not aware of all the details of the situation in your locality. We do not accept celebrity or sports driven features.

How To Join?
Please send us a link to your web site, blog or online portfolio so we can review your skills and activity level. Also please note, you can not join Gaia as a contributor before you have something to contribute with! That is, we do not accept passive members just intending to “lurk around”. So when you contact us, please include at least one photo that you would like to post on the Gaia web site.

If your application is approved, we will send you a username and password and you can then access further resources, chat with other contributors, post your work and boost your market reach.

Hope to see you soon in the Contributor Lounge!


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